Rozdhan app : The best earning app in 2019 for online money makers

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With 8 million+ downloads and 900k+ active installations, Roz dhan is fasest growing technology in Indian industry . we can use this app in several languages several languages as English , Hindi , Marathi,Tamil and Telugu being the top rated in the list.

according to the reports more than 20,000 people have so far earned money from Roz Dhan. 1000 people have earned 50,000 rupees per month, 300 people have earned 2,00,000 rupees per month. 80 people have earned 5,00,000 rupees per month from rozdhan app.

True story : Technical Yogi a you tuber had earned more than 817k by this app. slowly and gradually his journey began when his friends shared his videos  with others and slowly his video started getting viral . one of his friends you tube videos .India being one of the fastest growing consumer .Thus Yogi realized the opportunity and seized his chance to be famous.

By chance he made a video of Rozdhan  to help online money makers the video got 2,00,000 veiws .he earned 800k  and he got paytm cash every day with no delaying !!!! and soon it spread.

mainly there are 2 ways by which Youtubers earn money :
1. you tube partnership .
2. advertisement sponsorship.

steps to refer and earn on rozdhan.                         
1.sign up by mobile , get 25Rs .
2. click on see the balance.
3. invite your friend.
4.  when your enter your invitation code aftet register you got 1250 coin.
5. your friends also get Rs.50  and share articles get up . (20 rs tax , will be returned at the end of the finance year.)
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